Digital standard for
PCN/PDN notification


Chemical Industry


Energy / Power Plant

Aviation / Aerospace




The digitalization of working processes is one of the top priorities for many organizations across various industries. You can learn how your company can benefit from using this digital format for product change notifications and discontinuations.


Explainer Video

smartPCN – historic video from 2014

In principle a lot is still valid. Things that have changed since then are:

  • COG is renamed to COGD and has a new logo
  • smartPCN is standardized with VDMA 24903 and IEC standard is in preparation
  • smartPCN manager by COGD has been discontinued. The effort and product responsibility for just a kind of demo tool was too high for COGD as an industry association

A rework of the video is on the to do list of the smartPCN working group. In the meantime professional applications based on smartPCN are available. Please check with the sponsors and other providers.

Latest News

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Further development – New features

These are the proposed changes and new featuresfor the smartPCN format. In case of comments and further suggestions pleasesend an email to

Some Examples of smartPCN Users include: