Main tasks and history of the working group smartPCN

Main tasks of the working group

The working group smartPCN was founded in 2009 with the aim of establishing a standard in PCN (Product Change Notification) and PDN (Product Discontinuation Notification) machine readable communication between manufacturer, distributor and the users The main task is therefore to define a data standard and format to communicate changes and discontinuations in a unique way, digitally, without media breaks along the supply chain.


Development and maintenance of the smartPCN format

  • Definition of features and improvements
  • Review of use cases
  • Clarification of uncertain definitions and application scenarios
  • Maintenance in case of bug reports


  • Participation in meetings of standardization groups
  • Contributions to standardization activities and standardization groups
  • Presentation of smartPCN and its application on conferences


  • Creation of marketing material and media
  • Maintenance of website content
  • Presentation of smartPCN, its application and benefits to companies, manufacturers and on conferences
  • Preparation and organization of expert workshops and webinars

About us – use of the smartPCN format

The smartPCN format is the intellectual property of COGD. The use and the application of smartPCN is royalty free. 
The smartPCN Logo  is property of COGD.In order to use the smartPCN logo please register at

When using the smartPCN logo data sets created must fully comply with the smartPCN format description (see downloads). COGD does not provide tools and smartPCN datasets. Please contact members of the working group and sponsors for further information on tools, databases and commercial applications.