Working Group smartPCN

The working group smartPCN was founded in 2009 with the aim of establishing a standard in PCN (Product Change Notification) and PDN (Product Discontinuation Notification) machine readable communication between manufacturer, distributor and the users The main task is therefore to define a data standard and format to communicate changes and discontinuations in a unique way, digitally, without media breaks along the supply chain.

Still, the majority of PCN and PDN is very specific.

The smartPCN standard was delevoped by companies like BMK Group, Festo, TQ Systems, Würth Elektronik eiSos and Zollner.

In the meantime smartPCN is already standardized with the German standard VDMA 24903. The next step is the integration of smartPCN into the IEC obsolescence management standard IEC 62402.

smart = secure + methodically + accepted + realisable + transparent

One of our biggest aims is to get the suppliers interested in smartPCN. Please talk to your suppliers and ask them for submitting the PCN and PDN data in the smartPCN standard from now on.

The biggest effort from PCN and PDN processing is on the side of the users. Companies using electronical, electrical and mechanical components and products face the challenge to process up to several thousand PCN/PDN per year provided in different formats. Therefore the working group members come from different stages in the supply chain in order to define features that are beneficial for all.

Your benefits:

  • Reduce duplicate processing of PCN and PDN
  • No media breaks because all data is meachine readable
  • Priority of PCN is instantly recognizable
  • Automated processing and reduction of manual actions by more than 75% --> competitive advantage
  • cost savings

The smartPCN working group is not limited to members of COGD. Currently the smartPCN working group has members and guests from Germany, Poland, UK and USA.