smartPCN Applications

Although smartPCN was intended as a digital readable format for PCN and PDN, there are many other applications. Some examples are given below.

Traceability through the Supply Chain 

In reality a product, system or system-of-system has a hierarchy of configuration items (hardware, software, materials, information, documents etc). 

The smartPCN format allows records for different items within the hierarchy to be linked together. By this means changes are traceable through the supply chain, and through levels of integration, from a single component through modules, devices, the related software, and to the final product. 

Life Cycle Updates 

The life cycle of each item is unique in terms of its length, start date, and profile. Each life cycle is asynchronous with other items in the product structure. 

smartPCN uses a standard way to represent the life cycle of an item. Apart from key events like Start of Production, End of Production, End of Sales and End of Service and Repair there is also a life cycle index from 00 to 99 on the time axis. The current life cycle status of an item may be described by a number in this range. 

The dates of past key events in the life cycle can be added to the smartPCN record. Predicted dates for future key events can be added and be updated with emerging information as time goes by. 

Material Updates

Material updates are extremely important in order to keep up to date with the various regulations on material compliance. In particular, in cases where full material declaration is required, information on changes in the material composition or sourcing is added to the smartPCN record. 

Enrichment and Forwarding 

A smartPCN record can be used as a small database for transferring information between different IT systems, companies and sites without the need to reformat or translate from one system to another. 

Information like working status, measures to apply or alternatives are added to a smartPCN record and forwarded through supply chain or a process chain.